Low Insurance Group Cars List

lowinsurancecarsLow Insurance Group Cars have in recent years become more sort after in the UK due to the savings that can be made in comparison to mid and high group cars.  Young drivers are especially keen on owning these lower group cars as insurance premiums can run into the thousands for the under 25′s on higher group cars.  As motoring becomes evermore costly in the UK more and more people of all ages are looking for ways to cut their costs and low group cars are a great way to do this.  Another benefit of this is that the vehicle itself is also cheap to run and maintain.  More information can be found here.

How many insurance groups are there?

The insurance groups range from 1 to 50 with lower group numbers generally being cheaper to insure.  The lower the group number, usually the cheaper the insurance will be.

What determines which insurance group a car will be?

Generally the cost of repair is what determines what insurance group a car is.  Cars by manufacturers such as BMW or Mercedes for example cost a lot to repair and therefore cost the insurance company more when they have to pay out for a claim.  Cheaper more common cars such as Ford cost less to repair and so have a lower insurance group.  Of coarse there are other factors at play too such as the performance of the car.

How much could I save by owning a low insurance group car?

This is a very open-ended question and would depend on which car models you are thinking of buying.   Often young drivers can face premiums of over £2000 when insuring a mid to high insurance group car but a group 1 car could be as little as £500.  The price of your individual policy will be down to other criteria like where you live and where the car is parked overnight.

Which are the best cars for young drivers?

Below you will find our recommended low insurance group cars list for young drivers starting with group 1.

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